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ELA & Math

English, Language Arts and Spelling

McGraw-Hill Wonders is the reading series utilized at Penn Trafford School District.


In first grade, we use Pearson Math as well as additional materials that first grade teachers have created or found on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT).


At the beginning of the school year, students will be asked to write numbers 1-100. Each week, we will practice our numbers in sets of 10. For example, the first week of school we will practice and write numbers 1-10. During the second week of school, we'll practice and write numbers 1-20, and so on until we reach 100.


After the first graders have practiced and mastered writing numbers 1-100, the students will be asked practice and memorize addition and subtraction facts. Every Friday, your child will come to my desk and answer their set of math facts within 5 seconds. They are not allowed to count on or use their fingers. They are to just know the answer. When they first start studying them that is all right. After a week, though, they should know them. They will advance at their own pace. If they get their set right, they will move on. If they miss any, I will test them again the following week to keep them moving. They should always be prepared.

Everyone was tested on +0. If they got them right, I sent home +1 flashcards. They keep a set at school and I will give them a set for at home to use. We will go all the way through +9. Once they pass their +9 facts, they will start subtraction. These are great to practice in the car! Remind them to use any of the strategies that they have learned! If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me.