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“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

- Albert Einstein

Life for a teenager is vastly different than it was ten years ago.  Teens and Tweens today have an unlimited access to information, apps and websites that can be wonderfully helpful, but also lead to concerning behaviors if parents and educators don’t have the knowledge to teach young people how to behave responsible in this new cyber-playground.

Awareness is the key to learning and learning leads to knowledge. And knowledge is power, so they say. Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” There are many six year olds out there explaining cyber-devices and cyber-practices to adults. Let me help flip the equation for you.


If you saw a text message a teen had sent in cryptic lingo would you know what they were talking about?


Do you know of the latest apps/sites such as?

Facebook   Tumblr Snapchat   Instagram Sarhah  VSCO Oovoo Omegle   Kik


“Creating Responsible Kids on Smartphones”

This training defines categories of social networking that teacher and parents should be aware of and listening for with their students and children. The presentation will review image boards, untraceable texting/sexting, internet predators, gossip/rumor spreading, video chatting, blogs, eating disorders, self-harm and suicide. The most current social media sites such as Instagram, Sarahah, VSCO,  Tumblr, Kik, and Snapchat will be defined and youth culture and mental health practices on these sites/apps will be discussed. This presentation will raise the awareness of teen culture on the internet and how adults can communicate and educate with youth to be responsible digital citizens




Who want's to be a PAW-SOME READER!  

Here's how it works... The students read a book or have an adult read a book to them (age appropriate).  Then they complete a Who wants to be a "PAW-SOME" reader? form.  When they turn in the completed form, (Be sure it has an adult signature!) they will receive 2 raffle tickets.  I have monthly drawings to find out who is the "TOP DOG" of each grade each month.  The "TOP DOGS" will win a prize, and have their picture on the "PAW-SOME Reader" board in the hallway outside the library!  

  Paw-Some Reader Form.tiff 




Parents and Students,

Buddy has been reading lots of Super Hero stories!  He knows reading is a Super Power, and wants you to be a Super Hero, too!   We will continue to have two separate challenges- (Kdg, 1st, & 2nd) AND  (3rd, 4th, & 5th).   Each grade will be a Marvel Super Hero- Kdg will be Captain Marvel, 1st will be Hulk, 2nd will be Iron Man, 3rd will be Ant Man, 4th will be Captain America, and 5th will be Spiderman!   Which Super Hero will be victorious?!?  Let’s get reading and find out!  (Winning grades will be based on amount of books read and percentage of class participation) Contest ends on March 22, 2019.

Students are encouraged to read ten (10) age appropriate books and turn in a BUDDY CHALLENGE READING LOG to the library. The log needs to be signed by an adult for it to count.  Each student that completes a Buddy Challenge will receive a certificate and small prize.  Also, for each log turned in students will have a chance to win a monthly prize- the more logs turned in the better the chances are of winning! Additional logs will be available in the library and on the school website.  **This activity is not mandatory, but a fun way to encourage reading.  Remember books read for the Buddy Challenge can also be used to complete Paw-some Reader forms for chances to be TOP DOG of the month!  All forms are due by March 22, 2019!! 

 Mrs. Winter   -  Library Aide

Be Super! Read

Buddy Challenge2018(1).docx    -  FORM 







Tuesday, February 12

Tuesday, March 12

Tuesday, April 9

Parent Advisory Council Meetings 2018-2019 School Year

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

All meetings will be at the administration building at 9:30 a.m.

This group includes PTO presidents, the superintendent, the administrative staff and is open to any parent in the district.


Parent & Family Engagement

Please visit the link below to learn more about ways to promote Parent and Family Engagement in our schools.



What is the Student Assistance Program?

The Student Assistance Program is designed to provide various services to meet your child’s social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs.


The primary goal of the Student Assistance Program is to identify students at risk and help those students to overcome barriers in order for them to be successful in their everyday lives.


Another goal of the Student Assistance Program is to facilitate collaboration between home and school and provide interventions and/or referrals to internal or external support services in order to address student needs.

Please see attached brochure.

  SAP - Trafford Elementary.pdf 


What is Title I

Title I is a federally funded program designed to provide assistance to struggling readers.  The goal is to have each student attain a proficient reading level based on the Pennsylvania State Standards. Schools receive Title I funding based on the percentage of students who receive Free and Reduced Meals. 


As you do your back to school shopping, please think of Penn-Trafford's Backpacks-to-Go Program. The Penn Trafford Backpacks-to-Go Program is a supplemental nutrition program provides a backpack filled with meals and snacks every other weekend to district children enrolled in the program, made possible through donations from community members, businesses, organizations, and churches in the surrounding area, and PT staff. If you would like to make a monetary, gift card, food or backpack donation, please contact Lauren Traill at or 724-744-2161 or Lisa Popovich at or 724-744-0302. If you feel that your child could benefit from receiving a backpack during the 2018-19 school year, please contact Mrs. Traill or Mrs. Popovich.