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Google Classroom

To join our class, use your child's school Google account. It is
Your child's password would be: lunchnumberPt
For example: [email protected]
Next, find our class! 
For Mrs. Doyle's Class:
Type in Mrs. Doyle's class code: hikamvg
Or click on this link:
In Google Classroom, you will see a stream (which is similar to Facebook posts) as well as Classwork. If you click on the Upcoming Tasks on the left side, there will be links where you can pull up files for your child to complete daily. Some of these may be workbook pages while others are reading stories online or Google Slides. If they are Google Slides, you will have to help your child navigate through each slide until you reach the end. Please check this daily as we will be adding activities as optional assignments. I can't wait to see your comments and work!