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Mrs. Sipple 2021-2022

I am entering my 28th year teaching in Penn Trafford, all but 1 year here at Trafford Elementary.  I taught 18 years in first grade, 1 year in fifth grade, and am entering my 9th year in third grade. Both my B.S. in Business and Masters in Education are from the University of Pittsburgh.  When I am not in school or working on schoolwork at home, I keep busy with my husband and four kids.  My son and daughters range in age from 13-21 and are very involved with sports.  You can always find us at a ball field, pool, or dance studio! I love all kinds of sports, reading, and taking care of my two cats and dog.
I am excited for another year of seeing the students grow educationally, physically, mentally, socially..... We are in for a great year!
Please never hesitate to contact me through my email or the Homework Book.
Have a great day!
Mrs. Sipple

*We will start reading "Charlotte's Web"!

*We will work on Chapters 12-15.

*The vocabulary quiz will be on Tuesday, May 17th on words from these chapters.



*We are continuing with multiplication and division..

*Random mult./div. quizzes

*We are working on Lesson for Stepping up to 4th grade!




*The students will be spelling words that come from chapters 12-15 from "Charlotte's Web."
*The spelling test will be on Tuesday, May 17th.
*We will be working with adverbs.
*The grammar quiz will be on Thursday, May 19th.
*We will begin Ch. 4 about the U.S. Government.
*The students will propose a new classroom law.
*We will review cursive writing.
Monday: Art
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: Library Skills (every other week)
Thursday: Phys. Ed (Wear sneakers)
Friday: FUN DAY!!!


*Always do your best every day no matter what you are working on.

*Listen when others are talking.

*Follow directions.

*Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

*Work quietly so as not to disturb others.



90%-100% = A

80%-89% = B

70%-79% = C

60%-69% = D

50%-59% = F

*In Reading, Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies, students earn an A, B ,C, D, or F.

*In Penmanship, Music Art, Physical Education, students earn E, S, or U.

*In Conduct, students earn an S, N, or I. 



*Math & Language Arts HW is usually given Monday-Thursday.  Other subject HW may also be given from time to time.  It is due the next day.  1 point is earned for each day it is completed and on time. There may be some times throughout the year where HW is given over the weekend.