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Mr. B.'s Page

Welcome to my page.   I have been teaching third grade at Trafford since 1993, aIso serving as Head Teacher since 2009.  It has been my pleasure to get to know so many wonderful Trafford families over the years.  Each year I look forward to the opportunity to start new adventures with my third graders.  
Students will work through lessons that will help them "step up to Grade 4". Students have also made a set of multiplication flashcards to help them master their facts. Students should practice these nightly. 
This week we will watch movie versions of two novels that the students read in class this year.
The students will read poems to second graders this week.
There will NOT be a list of spelling words this week.
Students will get healthy exercise during our annual 3rd-4th-5th grade kickball tournament this week. 
Students will copy poems written by Shel Silverstein in their best cursive handwriting.
The Penn Trafford School District will utilize Flexible Instruction Days during times of inclement weather instead of the typical "Snow Day". 
Therefore, my students are to bring their chromebooks to and from school on a daily basis from December through March. Their chargers are to stay at home.  The devices should return to school fully charged as we may use them from time to time during the day. 
The students have practiced our procedures for a possible FID situation.  They will be required to log on to a Google Meet with me at 9:30 AM for a live session to cover the material for Reading, Math, Grammar, and Spelling for that day.  After the Google Meet, the students will be able to work on the assignments for that day.  The assignments will be due by 4:00 PM.  I will be available for a follow up Google Meet in the afternoon to answer any questions that may have risen.  All of this is done through the Google Classroom.
May 23- Field Trip to the zoo
May 27- LAST DAY



Wednesdays (every other)-Library Skills 




Student grades will be determined using the point system.

All graded papers will be returned to the student with the number correct over the number of total points. For example-(9/10).

All points will be converted into percentages for the report cards. 90-100%=A, 80-89%=B, 70-79%=C, 60-69%=D, 0-59%=F.

All grades are posted online at: https://powerschool.penntrafford.org/public/home.html.



  The following rules are posted in my classroom:

1...Raise your hand before talking.
2...Work quietly.
3...Follow directions.
4...Do not run in the room.
5...Respect others.      

The following consequences were discussed on the first day:

1st time rule is broken-warning

2nd time rule is broken-no recess

3rd time rule is broken-teacher calls parent

4th time rule is broken-send to principal

**Extreme/repeated violations may result in 30 min. after school detention.



Homework will consist of studying for tests in Science, Social Studies, and Spelling. Math and Grammar worksheets will be given periodically Monday through Thursday nights. Each homework assignment is worth a point towards the student's grade in that subject. All third graders are required to write their homework assignments in their homework book. Please look for this book every Monday through Thursday night. Parents are required to initial it nightly.



Third Nine Weeks Movie

Here are some pictures of what we did during our third grading period. This time the music is provided by Fitz & The Tantrums as well as DJ Umbrella's 80s mix tape.

Second Nine Weeks Movie

Here are some pictures of what we did during the second grading period set to the sounds of the E Street Band and Led Zeppelin.

First Nine Weeks Movie

Here are some pictures of what we did during the first grading period. The soundtrack is provided by The Rolling Stones and Van Morrison.